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OG-Chan # 415 – Over the Hills and Through the Woods

(Background of the Mansion is credited to mugenjohncel)

(Thanks again, hoss)


god dang


This has to be the longest fucking arc on this bitch.

I still got a few more things but I gotta move this to a new chapter soon or I’m gonna shoot myself in the dick for making this so long.


Fuck. Wish my feet didn’t hurt so much.

Ah well.



Our Bray has been on top of finding some neat shit for the mixtape.

And some accursed shit.


Oh boy did he find accursed shit.

If you told me they made this band to go pick up underage girls, I would believe you, tbh.



God damn it’s awful.



It’s a new year, so ya’ll keep yourselfs safe.

And a weekend to boot.

So do things I wouldn’t do!