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OG-Chan # 412 – We Can Have Snacks



Background issues fucking with me as I wrote this.


Couldn’t get this out for a couple hours.

Ah well, it’ll be sorted or it won’t.


It can’t be helped.


Weird fucking song today, though.

Ya’ll remember that one song that’s all ‘Ameno Dore Me’ made from that fake-ass latin that was literally in everybody’s AMVs involving yaoi boys doing yaoi boy shit to each other?

(I knew a bunch of Fujoshi trash growing up, so it popped up now and again during our communal watching times)


Somebody by the name of sigma got Miku to sing it.


It uh.. Honestly it gets kinda grating on the ears, cause I don’t know if she was meant to sing in english like this.

Well. Not english, but romantic glottal noises and


Fuck, ya’ll know what I mean.

Our mans RR found this after I posted uh..

This ‘gem’ in my shitposter general on Discord.

It’s uh..

It’s something.


Also it’s gonna be new years soon, so have a good one!

I’m gonna try to.