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OG-Chan # 410 – Ride or Die PT 2


Back again.


Sorry for no OG-Chan on Monday.

I got white girl drunk on creamy red ale.


It’s not bad.

It’s one of the smoother beers I’ve had, and it’s one that you gotta pour into a mug to enjoy.


Which I didn’t have at the time, but I did have one at home.

It’s a nice beer.

I ain’t gonna mention its name cause they ain’t paying me so fuck em, lmao.




Speaking of no OG-Chan on Monday, there’ll probably be no OG-Chan then too.



It’s Christmas eve-eve.

I got shit to do.


Maybe I’ll do a shiny or some shit but Ion.




Ya’ll like picking on condescending old boomers?

Senzawa-chan just dropped some fire.

Frick. That 10-4 Dinosaur line is just..


God damn.



IF there is one on Monday, I’ll post links as always on the shill tweet.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


(do all the things I wouldn’t do)