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OG-Chan # 409 – Ride or Die

I think I already had a ride or die title somewhere but somehow this feels ominous.



I too, wonder where my brain is going with this.


Hopefully somewhere good.



This is something of a doozy to render.

Ah well.


Complexity is a good thing.


You know what else is complex?

This lady’s tits.


God dang. Lookit them. Those are the fanciest implants.

We’re getting into that 2020 energy, and these are just the thing.

Her implants, not her tits.

Tits are eternal.


Naomi you crazy.



This calls for synthwave.

Not a bad song neither.


It is Friday! And, as a reminder, there will be no OG-Chan on monday cause I’m getting shitfaced.

It can’t be helped.

This weekend, however, do all the things I wouldn’t do.


Ostensibly, does not include drinking as something I wouldn’t do.


Have a good one!