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OG-Chan # 408 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 61

hopefully it’s not too confusing for those in the future.

Frick, hopefully I can keep this from becoming confusing.


No matter.




Nothing really to report, but it is close to Christmas.

Which reminds me.

My employer’s staff party is next Monday and I’ll have to do things that day, so uh.

Frick, probably no OG-Chan that day.


This was already on the mixtape, so it’s a twofer today.

Our Bray wanted to remind everyone the Wu-Tang Clan is fire.


and that he found this Chinese guy who made some absolute fire.


I mean, I wouldn’t add it to my favourites.

But this being on the mixtape isn’t untoward.

(I really think he’s just stealing all this fire from Mike Judge, but who am I to judge, thief of thiefs myself)



Please forgive me Kab for bringing the Chinese menace to the Mixtape.




No matter.

Frick, it’s Monday innit?

Let’s all have a good week!

Every body.

It’s gonna be Christmas soon so no doing things I wouldn’t do.