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OG-Chan # 406 – A Bit of Quiet

Sometimes you just need something simple.


Also for the eagle eyed niggas in the audience what may have noticed the uh, sign on the side of Darrell’s car is different.

Well. That’s my fuck up for not keeping a note of the previous translation.



No matter.


In the event of a book I’ll keep it more consistent.



So we got more music brought to my attention by our Bray, but before that (probably on Friday or sommat), I gotta bring a song up.

This song fucks me up, cause it is straight up one of the most fucking weird songs I’ve ever heard.

And I’ve heard a lot of weird music, don’t get me wrong.


Lemme lay a bit of backstory.

So when a nigga wants to become a music star, the producers never let them write their own music, not at first.

Not these days, anyway.

So what they’ll do, is get a bunch of canned music from indies, and song writers, and then give the new musicians a listen to their unheard song catalogue to see if they like something within it.

Maybe change the pronouns around, change the genre a little bit, add or remove a couple instruments depending on the band.

Y’know, customize it a little.


Then, while playing Farming Simulator 2019 (It is my meditation game), this comes on the radio.

This fucking song, that has all the lyrics and stylings of a nucountry song, all the meme instruments of a country song, and practically the soul of a country song, was produced like a soul R&B rap song with all the previous formulation. It fucks me up, cause if you aren’t paying attention, it sounds like a country song, but it is an urban, hip-hop song.


It fucks me up, bruh.



The time for doing things I would not do is over.

Do have a good week instead!