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OG-Chan # 405 – Misconception PT 2

So frick.

It is punch an old lady for a vacuum day and I’m totally not going out there.

Cause fuuuuck that noise.


I don’t need a vacuum that badly.

I got one last year and it sucked.


I got one for my grandmother’s birthday this year, and it’s actually pretty fucking great.

So there’s there.


I ain’t saying which one it is cause I ain’t getting paid.




No matter.

So our Josh has been watching Silicon Valley quite a lot and he said that Mike Judge is enpointe with his rap choices for the soundtrack.

And after listening to a couple?

Shit, I’m inclined to agree.

Just listen to this shit.

God damn.



Ya’ll should have a good weekend, and go do things I wouldn’t do!




One of these days I’ll have a list of things I wouldn’t do so ya’ll can do them.