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OG-Chan # 402 – Questions for OG-Chan Gaiden PT 3

*Okay so. Couple of things I gotta put here, get them out of the way. First, I will maintain the right not to put any image in the comic for any reason. Secondly, if you don’t own the image, I will probably deface it until its unrecognizable, and then it’ll be a private joke out in the open. Thirdly, if you do own the image, for the purposes of publishing in a book, you surrender said image’s rights over, but will get acknowledgements in the credits. Fourthly, this is a limited time offer and may be rescinded for any reason.


Frick, I think I got everything. No, but for real, image rights are a hell of a thing. So in the event that we get an OG-Chan collected volume up, I don’t wanna fight any of ya’ll but at the same time, I don’t wanna not credit ya’ll for contributing. It’s only right.



Anyway, yeah it’s gonna get a little weird with the Questions from now on but maybe there’ll be equilibrium found.

I’ll probably have to bug a contract lawyer or something.





I found this on Youtube in a suggestion. It’s not half bad.

Bombs Away does some good shit from time to time.

And this ain’t no different.

Frick. Have a listen.

I don’t have anything more to talk about atm, so, ya’ll have a good week!

Tiem for doing things I wouldn’t do is now over.