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OG-Chan # 401 – Questions for OG-Chan Gaiden PT 2

aw shid

for the love of christ don’t go there if you have virgin eyes

even if they are as old and rotten as mine for the love of god don’t




Week’s gotten a whole lot better.

Big fight with my grandmother over particularly cruel treatment.

But legit.


OG-Chan and all associated family helped.

RR, Bray and my sister helped me power through.


It’s all, well, not bad at the moment, but it’s at a calm level once more.



Ah well. So. Yes, I will explain a bit further, but for those who are actually down this far and reading what I have to put down..

So. When I ask ya’ll for a question or if you send one in, I will attach the thumbnails of any videos or photo clips she is sent alongside the question.

Hopefully I can do this for longer than the gimmick that it is.





Speaking of that gimmick!

On the way home from work, Centerfold by the J Geils Band was playing on the radio, and I went to go look if there was a decent remix of it at all, considering the strange instruments at play.

And it turns out, yes, there is, a very strange remix which just sounds like they boosted the bass a bit, and repeated a handful of things.


It’s.. Not bad, considering the difficulty of the remix. Not even sure what they did, tbh. (Oh wait, I see, they added a remix trail at the end for DJs. Neat)


It’ll be an okay “WTF” moment for the mixtape to be certain.


So. Now that I’m having a better time of it, ya’ll have a good weekend!

And do all the things I wouldn’t do.