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OG-Chan # 400 – Questions for OG-Chan Gaiden

No, no, I’m not gonna reset the numbers on her questions.

Just gonna explain a couple things in the next few panels.


Also didn’t wanna fuck up #400 for a story panel.



ALright so.

She’s got a smartphone now.


.. Well, frick, whatever.

Point is, I’ll explain it in.. Three? Three comics, I think.


Maybe less.


Just really tired today.


Ah well.

No matter.

You know what’s fucked.

Them old timey rap songs where the group makes up an outlandish story about how they met.


In that vein, DJ Jazzy Jeff, & The Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith as he is now known, pbuh) wrote a song back in the day about how they met uh..

Freddy Kruger. Of all people.


I should have posted this during the spook month, but ah well.

This was brought to my attention by my little brother.



Ah well.

Week’s getting better.

I think I’m recovering from this here caffeine addiction.

Everything’s gonna be okay, lads.


So have a good week!