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OG-Chan # 398 – Clarifications PT 9


The bad thing about writing on the fly is that



You lose track of your train of thought sometimes.

Like above up there.


Well, it can’t be helped.



No matter.


Our Bray sent me a copy of the Monster Girl’s encyclopedia volume 1.

Holy frick does it describe a terrifying ecology.

Women, especially shy women, are kidnapped by monster girls to be turned into monster girls.

Men are turned into sexual essence farms by monster girls, before being turned into incubi.

It’s a world that seems on the decline into destruction if it’s not kept in check.



Speaking of dystopias.

Probably could have had a better weekend myself.

But it can’t be helped.

Some things just be the way it is.


Our Wayne brought this to my attention.

And apparently Jim Ross himself heard this and found it hilarious.

One day, when or if I get a parody song of this nature crafted out of the dumb shit I say on Graded Point Five, hopefully a long time from now, I will have the grace to find it funny.


Ah well.


Hopefully it will be a good week, ya’ll!

Certainly better than my weekend.