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OG-Chan # 397 – Clarifications PT 8

Well frick.

I could have taken a bye day today, but the idea I had was too simple not to get out before I forget it.


Sandra cursing me the fuck out.


It seems to have come out pretty good, I think.



No matter.

Been having a couple more dreams than normal.


Gonna hope that’ll continue.



No matter.

It’s gonna be a good weekend for most of ya’ll.

Hopefully for me too, considering the amount of work that had to be done today.

At least a decent paycheque when it comes to it.



Maybe I should set up one of them kofis.

I don’t know if writing this deserves a Patreon.

But a Kofi? Hrm. Maybe.

Patreon’s TOS is too fucking fussy for what it is.


Absolutely useless in the long term for anything, since anybody can get kicked off for any dumb thing at any damn time.


No matter.


SPeaking of old stuff from the 2000s-ish

This was always pretty good. Some nice Reggae for the ear.


Always a good song.

Just like the weekend ya’ll will have, right?

Have a good one!

Do things I wouldn’t do!