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OG-Chan # 396 – Clarifications PT 7


so we got taken down by China or some shit.

Thank Hannah from Highland Arrow for figuring out the means to defeat the Chinese and restore our VM back to working order from the ETH


I have about half an idea of half of what that means, but it means a thing.




I was gonna take a rest week on monday but I thought fuck it.

And created.

But then the fucking chinese attack happened and now we’re here posting on a Thursday night on the spoopiest night of the year.



Whatever, it can’t be helped.


Speaking of scary shit, ya’ll remember the music videos that started coming out during the 2000s?

When graphics cards started being a thing and corporations were trying to cut costs?

It resulted in this fucking scary thing.



It’s good music, but that video is horrid.

Anyway. It’s too late to have a good week.

That will have to wait until monday.