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OG-Chan # 394 – Clarifications PT 5


what a long week it was last week, wasn’t it.


And a longer night tonight.

Canadian election night.


Tying my gut into knots.

Ah well.

It can’t be helped.

More songs were found by our Raptro after I tortured him with DJ Cummerbund remixes for an hour.

The TL;DW of it is that uh. DJ Cummerbund does a number of remixes of songs with similar beat forms and fucks em up pretty good.

Some of the mixes are hilarious.

But it apparently reminded him of this Aesop Rocky vs Britney Spears remix.

Which is.. Strangely lit.




It’s gonna be a good year no matter what. Let’s all strive for that!


Have a good week!