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OG-Chan # 393 – 4 More Years!!

Thus concludes the week of OGChan.


Several things I gotta say.
Sometimes tiredness is the mother of simplicity.


I’m fucking aching today.

And it occurred to me, that I’ve never ever done an anniversary post like this.

And so.

There it is.

A weekish late, but we got it.

I’d like to thank everyone, from #MyersTwitter, SuperNerdLand, GradedPointFive and all associated media and projects (Including you Piper you big tiddy monster), and the hardest worker on the planet, our Josh Bray. That said, I’m mentioning all of them in no particular order.

From the deepest pit of my low down gangsta heart, I thank all of you for your support!


To also celebrate, here’s the pict without the letters.

Also you wanna see a fucking -stat-

Look at this.

That’s how many hours I put into OG-Chan, the illest and most Real Kawaii Gangster.