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OG-Chan # 391 – Clarifications PT 3

So, I bothered our Raptro about the next song being added to the mixtape and the first fucking thing I noticed about it was that it was some dumb bitch by the name of SAWEETIE what decided to stamp her fucking dumb monie chant over a Queen’s beat.

what queen you say

how dare you

how dare you not recognize the greatest love song ever written by our lady Khia

Anyway, he tells me everyone’s giving her shit over this, and rightly so, and she just flips on them and says she doesn’t make the beat, she just raps over it.


Well, dumb bitch just got played. Whatever.

Our Raptro is a good man, and we tease him a lot.

Like uh.

Here when his photo editor tried frying out his skull with laser beams.

Good man, over all.

Glad to know this nigga, tbh.

He’s a good cook, and we’re presently in negotiations to figure out how to get him to cook shit on camera, or uh.


Well that’s pretty well it.


Good zoomer.


I still have no idea what to put down for these fucking things anymore, but that’s okay cause, well.

It’s day 3 of the Week of OG-Chan and soon I will figure out what the fuck this year’s theme is.


Not that I’ve ever had a theme, going back to look, but hey, whatever.



Anyway, continue having a good week!