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OG-Chan # 390 – Clarifications PT 2

Man, way to sum up..

100 fucking comics, sheesh.

[Edited two days later to fix a colour continuity problem btw]




I think it’s been about 100.

Might be more.



What a business.

I still have no idea what to ever write down here during the week of OG-Chan.

More or less just whatever falls out of my head, I guess.

Not much in there these days. Ah well.


Though.. I did go peek at what I did write about a year-ago ish.

To go see what I was going through during the last week of OG-Chan.

I think I’m okay. Not any better nor worse.


Bunch of friends changed for the good in that time.

Some got married. Some transitioned. Some are getting better. But all are my friends, still.

And luckily, lost one that I really should have gotten rid of sooner for my own sake.

Put a bunch of poison pills in my head over a decade.


But he’s gone now.




Lot of reflection in this year.

Man. Still. 4 fucking years.

Couldn’t have done it without all the folks at SuperNerdLand.




I guess that’s all the hard bits out of the way.

I did remember this addition to the mixtape though.

Put it on there, and still haven’t died from its curse yet, so I’m beating that shit!


Anyway. Ya’ll continue to have a good week! THIS IS DAY 2 OF THE #WEEKOFOGCHAN