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OG-Chan # 39 – Blending In


*”Hey Boss, I need a Gun!” – OG-Chan, probably.

Hrm. So like.  We’re gonna be putting shit onna iTunes, like podcasts and shit. There’ll be news for when that shit goes out, but I promise my niggas we’ll let a nigga know when it does come out.

That said.

I started going back & thinking about where the fuck I got the idea for OG-Chan from. Then I remembered one of the big inspirations for this whole thing.

Motherfucking Josip on Deck. Dude’s a pretty good rapper, and did some fantastic 8-bit raps. The incongruous style of his urban rap mixed with the 8 bit synthline and the topics rapped about. ♥

I’ll start thinking over the next few days though, over where this damn girl came from out of my brain meats.