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OG-Chan # 388 – Wig PT 4


So uh.

Blizzard fucked up bad.


I don’t mention protests, boycotts or other related shit unless somebody’s fucked up like three times in a row.

Boy howdy did Blizzard fuck up.

First by banning a player by the name of blitzchung (real name Ng Wai Chung) for speaking up against the CCP of China for fucking around with Hong Kong

but then they took his money away.

And then didn’t ban another group of kids who raised their own support for the Hong Kong protests.

Then outright removed the ability to delete your battlenet account from the back end of the site in response to counter protests..

Breaking a whole bunch of laws right there in the EU alone.


Fucking hypocrites, all of them.


The plan thus far is to get Overwatch banned in China by turning Mei into a protest symbol.

I mean.

China banned Winnie the Pooh cause Xin got bullied by it.

And Peppa Pig because she got popular with the Triads for some odd reason.


Fuck. Let’s do this to Disney and Star Wars. Fuck all of them.

Just poison pill the whole fucking shit.



As for today’s addition to the mixtape, here am something that Our Bray found.

Some dark cyberpunk in the vein of Perturbator.


It’s another weekend!

Ya’ll have a good one and do all things I wouldn’t do!