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OG-Chan # 387 – Wig PT 3

Gah, sorry for the late release, but this was an awkward thing to create.

Didn’t think it would be quite so involved.

Shoganai my niggas, shoganai.


Ah well.




It can’t be helped, especially for all the shit I wanted in this here thing.



Oh. Uh. Heck.

We’re still going on with Degaruta! Go check it out here!


It’s still pretty good to me. We’re slowly getting better.


Speaking of Degaruta I bullied our Raptro into giving me one of his zoomer rap musics


he fucking delivered

It’s spooky time.


It can’t be helped.

Go have a good week!


Oh! And police cap credits belong to this guy!

Thank you ninjapirate10194!