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OG-Chan # 386 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 60

You ever have one of those days where you let someone nick your underwear because you think they might have drugs but it just turns out they’re really good at stealing underwear while on drugs?




Might just be Sandra.





I move at a fucking snail’s pace don’t I.


Only so much that can be done twice a week, I guess.


It can’t be helped.

Ah well.

Helps niggas anticipate this shit when I get them out.



I may not mention this a lot, but I am a 40k fan.


Kinda lore superfan.



That said.

This upcoming video doesn’t really have anything to do with that.

It just ended up on a 40k music tribute channel I subscribe to, and I think it’s pretty neat.

It also got removed from Youtube for uh.

Hate speech or some shit.


Dumb as hell.

I fucking hate that concept.

But what can you do but vote people in who’ll help remove it?



It can’t be helped.




It is closely approaching, the weekend, so ya’ll have a good one

and do all the things I wouldn’t do

(except advocate the concept of hate speech)