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OG-Chan # 383 – Wig

It’s such a weird fucking word, wig





Last Sunday my uncle died.

During the last week so much bullshit happened.

We didn’t know until last Tuesday.

So. We were gonna go see his body.

Couldn’t happen.

Wife only allowed her family to see the body.


Well okay.

We were gonna hold the peace for the funeral.

But we weren’t allowed to go to the funeral.

Because it was invite only and she had posted guards.

Not even his own mother was allowed to go.

That was on Saturday.


But on Friday? Well.

We started a fire-keep for three days.

I got a sign we were supposed to do it like that.

So we kept on. Had a feast. Kept the fire.


We had a good time on Saturday, for how solemn it was.

I firekept for 6 hours straight.

Chopped wood.

Fed the fire.


Kept the fire.

Hurt myself a bit, now that I feel kinda crippled.

Pinched something in my back.




Everything hurts, but I feel better now.

No worries about me.


Our Jake, after I pestered him for a little bit, gave me this here thing.



It’s not bad.


No worries about not being allowed to do things I don’t do.

Have a good week!