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OG-Chan # 382 – Ouch PT 8

ngl I knew somebody that this happened to.

Not a bear manifesting out of nowhere to cockblock the eternal OG

no uh.


He went go to kiss this girl middle of winter, right.

Slipped on a patch of ice as he made a move in.

Clonked both their heads together.


I mean.

They were wearing tuques, but, still.

It hurt.




Our Gwen brought this to our attention.

Me and the boys in the Myers Cabal are fans of Imagine Dragons by proxy due to our inherent need to experience the good life by drinking Mike’s hard lemonade off our bro’s shirtless chests while laughing at how pathetic you are.

It’s a pretty good life, tbh, once you get into it.


Hrm. So that’s awkward. Uh. Weird Al’s pretty good, otherwise. Glad he’s still doing the thing.


I can’t think of anything else to write atm.



Otherwise, it’s a new week! Have a good one!