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OG-Chan # 381 – Ouch PT 7

Who am I to waste a title if I can figure out a way to make it funny.


I mean.





So I heard about this music genre called fakebit right?

It pisses off autists cause it’s trying to ape the sounds of an older system while breaking the rules of the output.

This one’s not bad though.


Oh. Found out about this from this website


Internet boomers might recognize it as the grandson of the Ishkur’s techno music guide.

I was so worried that it was gonna disappear into the webs of 2.0.

It’s been so long ;~;

But here it is, and it was brought to my attention by Our Jake, who too, was worried it was stuck in web 2.0


Internet boomers.

Weird thing to think about, having seen web 1.0 (but not quite earlier cause I didn’t have the means to access BBS’s)

Ah well.

Being old again.


It feels weird.

No matter.

It’s all gonna be alright.

Even if you fuck up on a kiss like Darrell here did and dove in too eagerly.

As they say, “Shoganai my nigga”


Which is ancient japanese for “it can’t be helped dachi-san”

Ah well.

No matter.

Have a good weekend ya’ll!

(go check out that fucking website and learnt some shit)