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OG-Chan # 380 – Ouch PT 6


fucking ache today.

Nearly 7 days straight of work, but it’s okay cause that means I’ll have two weeks proper of pay.

It’s gonna be okay.

Just one more day and I’ll be gucci.



Ah well.

It can’t be helped.

Sometimes it leads to simple stuff like this.

I like it when it’s all simple like this.




Not just from the time saved but from the aesthetic.

You know what aesthetic I also like?

Them lo-fi hip-hop remixes.

In our Discord channel the uh. Frickin’. We got this mixtape channel right?


It’s pretty good.

One of the users by the name of Moth Girl brought this album to my attention in the channel.

It’s bretty good.




Can’t think of anything else to write about for the moment, so ya’ll have a good week.

(no doing things I wouldn’t do)