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OG-Chan # 376 – Ouch PT 2


Bookmarking an arc, this is what this is called, I think.


Ah well.

Kinda drunk right now in celebration.


Celebration of what?

I don’t know.

Fucking Monday.



It can’t be helped.


I’m on staycation, I’m allowed.

Also on friday?

Fuck me gently did I forget to post the comic over the fucking weekend.

Go back one to go check it out and make fun of me in the comments for being a fucking boomer, holy shit.



You know what’s weird?

This fucking Wu-Tang Clang vs the Beatles album that popped up on my front page on Youtube.

Check it the fuck out, holy shit.


Bah. Too drunk to write more, I think.

Make fun of my boomer shit.

Have a good week!