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OG-Chan # 375 – It All Comes Tumbling Down PT 4

“Did my mans deadass make us go through a weird arc in which he made us read a conversation between himself & his gangsta loli to set up a fucking joke?”


Yes. I deadass did.


[Edit on following Monday] Also did my mans deadass forget the fucking comic?

Yes I did.

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.


It can’t be helped my nibba.




Speaking of can’t be helped, I was going through my old Youtube favourites the other day, and I found this.

It’s a not entirely remarkable rap, and it was shot in the good old days of 230p.

But what’s important is not the decent rap, but the goofy choice by the director to have all his friends do a walk by of the camera.


It got so bad, back in the day, that the guy had to turn off comments because they were making fun of him.


Ah well.

It can’t be helped.

Not everyone can be cool.


I know I’m not. Hrm.



Speaking of being cool, our mans at Graded Point Five managed to hit 500 subs!

Here’s to 500 more!

I’m probably gonna be on stream to tism out.



This fucking.. Staycation is fucking with me.



Getting my hackles up some.


Nearly forgot it’s gonna be the weekend, so, with that in mind, ya’ll niggas have a good one!


Do things I wouldn’t do.