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OG-Chan # 374 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 59, Part Troise

I think it’s troise.


I don’t know what three is.

(In French)

No, no, I don’t care enough to go look it up.

You will suffer with me.



Speaking of suffering it is my birthday today.

I am an old.

But today is gonna be okay.

I got new glasses.

I got a smokum weed pipe device from Airis in a smokum pipe seller in town. (We don’t get paid for mentioning their name, it’s just the thing I bought)


Weirdest thing about the glasses is getting used to the increased field of view, since they seem to cover about a CM more of covering of my eye so it’s weirding me out not having blurry things in my peripheral vision.




So I made the mistake of looking up Hatsune Miku videos and now my fucking youtube frontpage is full of shit like this.


I mean. It’s not bad, but I can hear that fucking drumbeat. The Amen Break.

I’m automatically suspicious of any music that keeps using that fucking thing knowing the poor guy who wrote the song (Richard L Spencer) died homeless and broke.

Fucking jungle producers.

Fuck the lot of them.



It’s a good song though, don’t get me wrong.

Just kinda feel bad for the guy.



No matter! It is a time of celebrations, I’m an old mans.

And soon, uh. October soon, it’s gonna be another anniversary, and then a fucking week of OG-Chan.


Hopefully I’ll have meandered the plot into something then.


It’s the start of the week.

Ya’ll aren’t allowed to do things I wouldn’t do.

(Things I would do, include the Weed, so you’re good there)


Gonna get a break from work soon, so I’m gonna make the most of it by doing as little as I fucking can.

So as I said.

Have a good week ya’ll!