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OG-Chan # 369 – Confession? PT 2


kinda teared up writing this

don’t know why

but I did.


Was reminded that this song existed

So kinda worked itself into the dialogue. Honestly, it’s not a bad song from the Knocks.

They do some good work.



I really should add some more stuff that I was youtube diving.




Frick. Uh

REgarding why there wasn’t a DEGARUTA episode today, uh.



License issue on Teamspeak and then immediately got lazy.

We were gonna talk about a real naff book of the NoGud legacy. It’s pretty bad as a series.

Managed two and a half books before I couldn’t read anymore.



It’s gonna be the Weekend soon.

So you know what you’re allowed to do?

All the things I wouldn’t do!


Have a good one, folks!