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OG-Chan # 365 – Shatter PT 7

oh my


I am defeated~


Me and Our Xavier (from Graded .5 fame) are doing a podcast discussing Isekai.

It’s long name is uh.

Pretty dang long.

 誰 でも が ある か 。 助け て ください! 私 は、 ポッドキャスト として 転生 さ れ て き た !
Dare demo ga aru ka 。 tasuke te kudasai ! Watashi wa 、 poddo kyasuto toshite tensei sarete kita!
Or kinda badly translated
“Is Anyone There? HELP! I’ve been reincarnated into a podcast!”
We’re calling it DeGaRuTa for short, which is “Outdated” in japanese.
Hopefully it will work out.
You know what probably won’t work out?
Being creepy to girls.
Like this here lass.
Holy shit.
Turn on Captions so you understand.
It’s pretty amazing.
Oh heck. I think I broke the wordpress thing.
Dang it.
Ah well. It should be fixed by next post.
It’s also the weekend up coming!
Ya’ll are now allowed to do things I wouldn’t do!
Go do them.