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OG-Chan # 361 – Shatter PT 3

sorry for the bit of a break.

Honestly needed a bit more time to think about the shit she’d before, not be allowed to do.

I think I got it down to around five things:

One, she can’t be aware.


Two, she can’t create things out of thin air.


(that’s called foreshadowing)

Three, no one but herself can remember what happens in Question Space.

(that’s also called foreshadowing)

Four and five I’m still thinking on.



I need to think on four and five more, but I’m not taking off more time so hopefully my brain will be forced into a corner in which it will write itself out and tear me a new asshole for daring to put it in said corner.



You know what I’m looking forward to?

Cyberpunk 2077

It’s gonna be fucking lit.

The music is great so far.


Just realized it’s the weekend.

I know I should have told ya’ll this last week

but it is now the time for doing things I wouldn’t do


(do them)