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OG-Chan # 359 – Shatter


Don’t know what to really type about right now.


Though our Dick did bring this to my attention.

Back in the day, there was a site, it was called Newgrounds.

Back in the day, it was full of weird cartoons made in Adobe flash.

Nowadays, it is the place where all the tumblr porn artists fled to because of the porn ban.

But why is this here important.

Lemon Demon, aka Neil Cicierega got his start there, doing weird puppetry surrounding Harry Potter, animutations, and a weird animation where everyone kills everyone else.

He’s still doing weird music.

Lemon Demon’s how he does his original stuff.

Cicierega’s how he does his remix albums, which are great.

All his shit is great, he’s on soundcloud and everything go check it out.




So I guess I had something to write about.


Thanks Dick!




It’s the weekend, however.

So it is -the time-

for doing things I wouldn’t do

go do them