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OG-Chan # 358 – Consequences

oh heck here we go



Got nothing to really blog about at the moment.

But Our Bray found this thing.

It’s 8D audio.

Basically it’s music where it sounds like the fucking stereo is moving around a big room.

Here, check this out here.

They’ll do a better job of explaining the whole business.



I get uh.


I understand ASMR. I get the scalp tingles when I sit and jam and listen to ASMR shit.

It’s a nice feeling.

I get similar feels to that shit from this.

And one of my favourite songs from the Gorillaz too.


It’s pretty nice stuff.

Ya’ll should thank our Bray by go joining the SuperNerdLand Discord here.

It’s public.

Unlike ResetEra’s fucking bullshit right now.

Holy shit.


Who would have thought that all the toxic users who left NeoGaf would end up being outed eventually as pedophiles (Right up to the moderator staff on ResetEra)


I should go get a NeoGaf account just to celebrate the fucking gasfire that’s brewing.



Well, nevermind I guess I did have a topic after all.



Ya’ll had a good weekend I hope?

Remember. You are now not allowed to do things I wouldn’t do.