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OG-Chan # 357 – Bereavement


Fussy, and I don’t know why.


I wanna be mean.

But I have no reason to be.


Just one of those days I think.



Wait, I know.

I’m kinda mad at myself for somehow not including a gun in the plot somehow for #357

What a fascinating caliber.


Ah well.

Shoganai my nigga.



Our Vysetron brought this to my attention.

Some neat UK rap mixed with Beethoven of all things.

As he put it, it fucking slaps.


That one I’m still getting a hang on.

Things slapping.

Having access to several zoomers, I will be able to stay on top of things.



It’s Friday, innit?

Then ya’ll should have a good weekend.

And having the ability to do things I wouldn’t do now commences!


|  ||

|| |_