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OG-Chan # 356 – Determination

This gonna get a bit personal but

This is me every fucking morning.


Every fucking morning it feels like agony trying to get up.

I wanna sleep.

I wanna dream endlessly.

Perhaps not on the level of going to the city of Carcosa, but.


Every fucking morning, I wanna lay there.

But no.

I force myself up.

Through sheer anger.

Clamber on that exercise bike.

And kick the air for 20 minutes whether I want to or not.

With sheer anger.

Before heading to work.


I mean.

I’m not getting set to go stab a problematic student of mine with a fork or anything.

Just heading to work is all.

But it’s.. Sorta similar, in a way.



One little missing vitamin or another.

It can’t be helped, but I do manage to plug the hole now and again. And then get a couple weeks of energy.






No matter.

I don’t know if this is going on the mixtape and I’m not sure who brought it to my attention but holy shit

this here Ricardo cover is great

But our Fetusberry, after much prodding from me (so much prodding, no homo), has brought this to my attention to add this here to the mixtape

It’s a bit weird and out of sync with the mixtape but sometimes you gotta lowtune a guitar and use it break eggs to make yourself an omelette with the resulting wave forms with weird clangy bits so you can have a good weird omelette made with weird noise that you get from fucking with the pickups on your guitar while making weird moany noises.




I don’t make the rules.


This is the sorta shit you do a good indica to while trying not to get weed-welded to your chair and failing because its making your brain scan itself for problems and letting you get out of and in tune with the universe at the same time.





I still don’t make the rules.


That said.

I hope ya’ll had a good weekend of doing things I wouldn’t do.

It is time not to do those things.

It is now time to have a good week.


That is the rules.

I made them.