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OG-Chan # 355 – It All Comes Tumbling Down PT 3

Well. I had a giggle making this.

So it’s all good.


Maybe not so much being a little late, but I kept getting distracted by my little brother’s re-Foleying of a penguin anime


It’s uh.

Pretty fucking heavy.

Go give it a look-see.



It’s been a good week.


On Monday I probably should have mentioned that another episode of Truther Nation came out.

Go check that out.

We got our Capo & a guy called Coach Dorn on there.

It’s actually p-good today.




As for anything else, I can’t think of anything off of the top of my head.

Our Bray found this, though.

It’s actually pretty fucking legit.



Can’t think of anything else to talk about, so ya’ll have a good weekend!

Doing things that I wouldn’t do now commences!