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OG-Chan # 352 – ???? PT 3



I kind of like the weird ones when they come out like this.


It’s not at all a symptom of suddenly not having enough time, no. >.>


It can’t be that. <.<;


I would hope not.

Had to go do a bit of weeding and thought about this a lot.


Reminds me of older nintentimes.

Like Legend of Zelda, or all the weird one off RPGs that got built for the SNES.



Good times.


You know what’s good times?


That Zombieland Saga rapper girl (fucking what’s her name, uh.. the one that got beaned by a truck, uh.. SAKURA)?

somebody mashed up her battle with that other girl (whose name escapes me)

With one of my favourite freestyles

Our Josh found it!




I got that weird feeling older adults get.

Losing place in time.


No matter. Have a good week ya’ll!