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OG-Chan # 350 – Getting Yote PT 3



I just realized a couple of comics didn’t have her shoes right.

I went back and fixed them.

That’s why I took longer than normal today.


I was building today’s comic

and remembered I didn’t change her shoes out for a couple.


If ya’ll could point out which ones I might have missed, that’d be great.

But not necessary.







As Our Jake passively aggressively pointed out in the mixtape channel of the SuperNerdLand discord

I could have instead of letting our Fetusberry have a friday of choosing the day’s addition to the mixtape

Iet everyone know that some fire dropped on Friday.


Fuck that, I gave my boi his day. So now I’m pointing out what happened.



Tyler the Creator dropped a new album called Igor.

Can go see the rest on his channel but this is the one I like best.

It’s pretty lit, tbh.



Ya’ll have a good weekend, I hope?

Cause the time for doing stuff I wouldn’t do is over.

Have a good week instead!