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OG-Chan # 35 – Shoutout to Cate


I know it’s in the title but just wanna throw out to one of our writers, Catelyn Winters, for being one of our oldest 12 year olds on the website.



Other than that, the Fire Emblem thing is still engoing, and it is a mess. The Mirror has gotten involved over the fact Treehouse’s PR agent is a pedophile activist. What else will a search of this company bring up?

Fates was awful. The whole agency should be brought low, not just this one PR agent.

Who knows. It’s all awful. The whole rotten company.

No matter.


Had an amazing day at the very least.

Away from Twitter for the most part, but still a good day. Book I’m reading called Promise of Blood is fucking brilliant. It’s swords, sorcery & muskets in a world that just killed one of its nine kings in a bloody revolution, that only gets more and more bloody as suspicion, conspiracies and shit start colliding together.

Go find it if you can. It’s a three book series, but it’s worth yo.

Gotta say, today was a good day.