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OG-Chan # 347 – Getting Yote

[Edited May 20th due to the shoes]

One thing I appreciate about this program is that it is.. Constraining.

I can’t make my own poses, faces, or even clothing (I could probably figure out the latter)

But, at the same time, it’s fun seeing what I can force out of it.


Like she’s not even doing the kneel yank thing, that’s a sitting in a chair pose.


Yet it works out as a kneel grab.


It’s neat anyway.





Our Jake brought this to my attention the other.. Week.

It’s not bad. Flylo does some good shit. Have a listen to it.

Speaking of being brought to attention, ya’ll remember this?

If not, fucking have it.



Before I forget.

Episode 3 of the Truther Nation came out!

Our Martyr, Our Nacho, and ya boi Capo star as our callers that come in. And. Two.. Experts.

Go give it a listen.




Anything else?


Tonight I think is the Graded Point Five deep lore stream so be sure to tune in.



Heck, I think that’s enough shilling for right now.

So if I forget to shill any ya’ll, remind me.

And it’ll get up on Monday or Friday.




Ya’ll have a good weekend.