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OG-Chan # 341 – Contingency Clause



I wonder if I should go as dark as I want.

I mean, I have all control over that.

And the next arc is gonna be fucked up a little bit.




Fuck it, no I can’t censor myself at this juncture.

No matter.


Speaking of no censoring, uh.

Our Fetusberry (who is responsible for this meme) has added the next three four songs to the mixtape and I don’t disagree with any of them.

Like this one?

This is the sort of band who would get bottles thrown at them in a rowdy bar crowd.

The type where you wanna hear the one song, but then they fucking bust into another one just to tease you

and then back in.

and then out again.


I wouldn’t blame anybody who threw bottles at these poor souls.

But it’s good music, nevertheless.


Have a good weekend.