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OG-Chan # 339 – Questions for OG-Chan PT 58, Part I don’t know what Six in Spanish is

man is that title a mouthful





Whatever, let’s roll with it.


I’m fucking serious.

I don’t know how to count past five in spanish so this might be the last one. >.>


Not gonna change it because I laughed at the title.

That’s how it sticks, you know.

But it’s on me for having so many sub parts to a single comic.



Speaking of sub parts, you hear that the boys from Graded Point Five are going to have a comic about a depressed AI stuck in a battlesub?

It’s gonna be great.

They got an artist.

It’s called Midnight Cowboy and it’s gonna be great.


Go check them out when they run their shit during the week nights.

Also you know what’s great?

Truther Nation.

We have the second episode up, and we’re working on the third.

And then soon the fourth after that (just pounded out the script)



It’s gonna be weird.

Oh, before I forget too.

Fuck, I should have, like

Mentioned this earlier but fucking


SuperNerdLand has an issue out!

For April. Go check it out!





Now that all the shilling is out of the way, uuuh.


Maybe I should get a MyPillow code or some shit.


Shill some sweet ass pillows.


Everybody fucking doing it.


Oh uh.


This ain’t going on the mixtape, it’s just silly.

I love it though.




Ya’ll should have a good weekend

and do things that I wouldn’t do.