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OG-Chan # 337 – Bringing the Cavalry PT 3



No clown world here.

I mean.

I was sorely tempted.

Turning this whole thing into a clown world.



It’d be interesting.



No, it wouldn’t.



I don’t know what to talk a-


Our Josh brought this song to my attention.

There’s a dumb story around it though.

So Lil Nas X wanted to put this song on the country Billboard.

But they said that it wasn’t ‘country’ enough for Billboard.

So he remixed the song with Billy Ray Cyrus’ help.


Fucking weird, innit.




So I’m listening to one of our other property’s podcast atm.

It’s a daily podcast lead by Our Wayne

Go check it out here. A nigga does some good work with the Graded Point Five people.



Speaking of other properties, I’m part of another thing, lead by me, a guy who goes by Turbo, and my brother Ace.

It’s called the Truther Network.

Ya’ll should check it out (I’m Heber). The Truth Will Set you Free.


We have another episode up there, so check it out!



Ya’ll have a good weekend!