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OG-Chan # 334 – Bringing the Cavalry


I hate my writing process for this.

But it’s mine.

Usually I open up Comipo and then just..


Fuck around for an hour.


Doing something other than OG-Chan.

Like, in a browser or something.


In this case, it was spending time on the fucking phone complaining to a restaurant that some of my food rewards got stolen because of a stolen password (Which I changed)



They’re on it, anyway.


It can’t be helped.

Like being uh.

Reminded that SICKO mode is a fucking thing.



That said though, there are versions of that song that I like, and incidentally, none of them feature Travis Scott.

Like this one that uses K.K. Slider noises.

Our Martyr unfortunately reminded me that this exists, so now ya’ll will be reminded it exists.


Have a good weekend regardless of this revelation.