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OG-Chan # 33 – Real Gangstas Got


Hrm. Nothing really out there to point out today.

Other than Nintendo of America really messing up and letting Treehouse, staffed by former IGN staff no less, translate the new Fire Emblem games.

They fucked up the name of the artifact that the series is named after.

They called it the Seal of Flames.

This is literally current year, and they’ve managed to fuck up that badly. That they did such a basic mistake that was made in current year minus 20-ish odd years ago in the original games they brought over is boggling.

It’s a real mess. You can check it out here!

Fire Emblem Fates Poor Localization Points To Growing Issues

As for music though, I ain’t got much. American Trucker Simulator has accidentally gotten me hooked on old country and country rock.

But to clear some of my mental palate, I listen to Bliix

Who is that nigga?

Well uh.

He makes metal remixes on Youtube.

Lots of his shit gets taken down, though.

Still, whatever’s left tends to be fucking awesome. Check it out!