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OG-Chan # 327 – A Long Shot PT 2

oh heck

I keep getting glimpses in my head of how this is gonna turn out.


I don’t have it all planned out.

But I have enough of it planned out.

Always keep on the balls of your feet if you wanna take advantage of an inspiration.


I know I have.


So looks like Josip on Deck deleted his song.

It can’t be helped. Whatever.

I tried.

I put it on the mixtape.

It’s gone now so.


That said, I don’t have anything extra for the mixtape, so I’m gonna take a quick perusal of OG-Chan‘s feed to see what’s good while this bitch renders.

Maybe something’ll pop up.





No music for today.

Feel kind of bad Josip On Deck felt the need to delete his Chinatown drop.

But whatever.

It can’t be helped.


Ya’ll have a good week.