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OG-Chan # 324 – A Long Shot



Okay so.

I’m gonna be real with ya’ll.

I wasn’t gonna post today.

But then I was all, “I’m gonna do this ahead of time”

and then I couldn’t cause of writer’s block.


And I got kind of worried I wasn’t gonna post anything.

But then I got this idea.


Even though I feel like an old man, I swear my best shit only comes out after I’ve worked a few days.



Also weird shit.

My mans Josip on Deck asked me personally to put today’s song on the mixtape.

And I’m gonna be real with ya’ll, he hasn’t paid me to do this. It’s just clout for clout here.

So give it a listen. It’s not a bad song. Hell, if I found it naturally, I’d have added it regardless.

He’s getting more and more serious, and I honestly hope the best for him.


If he keeps this up, he’s gonna go legit.


Again, this is a plug for a plug.

And it extends to anybody else who has music that will fit on OG-Chan’s playlist.

Josip on Deck won’t be the only one.


If you got fire music, I’ll add it to the mixtape for everyone to see.

Just give me a retweet and we’ll make this shit work.


So. That aside.

Ya’ll have a great weekend!