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OG-Chan # 322 – Forgetting the plot PT 11



what a week.


Don’t ask me what happened thi-



hahaha uh

Ya’ll know that weirdo with the fucking rainbow hair dreads?

Fuck what is his name.



He’s going to jail as a snitch.

I ain’t crying though.

Guy’s a fucking herpes scab on the side of the industry right now.

With literal herpes scabs.


Hopefully it sticks. Conspiracy is no joke. Neither’s racketeering.

This ain’t going on the mixtape, it’s to show what a literal fucking blackhole of talent looks like.

I’m not saying this just cause I’m a video game boomer.

IT’s because this fucking rainbow haired fucking twink, that the bar got dropped even lower for rap.


All looks and no fucking talent.

Fuck this guy and I hope he gets the book thrown at him.




Aside from that, ya’ll have a good weekend!