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OG-Chan # 32 – Real Gangstas Got


So like. Right, now that a week has passed, I can at least kind of explain why I was so chafed on Monday.

Alright so.

Imagine that you allegedly make bread dough every day. Two full measures of this stuff every day, motherfuckers come in, and then buy it; make your boss money, get you paid.

Now imagine that there is a single day of the year where you have to make bread dicks. Hundreds of bread dicks, in fact. An immense plethora of bread dicks, and everyone in the metropolis area wants to buy all your bread dicks; same situation as above, but about five times as much work, and lots of overtime.

Lots of fucking bread dicks, man.

Jesus Fucking Christ.


Interesting take on a song from my mispent youth. I like it.

Now if only I had good bass enabled headphones for this shit.