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OG-Chan # 316 – Hold the Presses

Yeah, you can see what’s being made of it here.


For real though, it’s some bullshit.

I know music theory and everything, but it’s still so bloody blatant.

For them (the writers) to think they could get away with this shit post Web 2.0?


Naw, fam, naw.

For that, we’re putting more Princess Nokia on the mixtape.

Compare the two songs.

This bullshit from Grande

and compare to this old fire from our girl Princess Nokia.

Hard to find right now, but I’ll give it a few days.


Fucking bullshit tbh.

Princess a Coachella act and they think they can get away with this?



So many swears.

God damn.

ALso have this here.

Sign that maybe I should turn down the edge enhancement a little, maybe.

This was 3 times.

Main comic today was 2 (I think)


So yeah.

Fuck Ariana Grande.